XILO integrates directly into Infusionsoft through the forms of your choosing. We can create or update Contacts and add a Tag to a Contact by the form they fill out. Here is how you activate the XILO x Infusionsoft integration:

  1. Login to the XILO Dashboard

  2. Go to the Settings tab

  3. Go to the API tab

  4. Click "All Services"

  5. Search for Infusionsoft

  6. Click "Connect"

  7. Refresh the page

  8. Click the gear icon on Infusionsoft

  9. Add the forms using the form drop-down menu that you'd like to integrate into Infusionsoft

  10. Click "Authorize Infusionsoft" on the dialog that pops up

  11. You should be directed to another page to sign in to Infusionsoft

  12. Sign in using your credentials

  13. You should be directed back to XILO and a green success message should appear!

  14. Go the Forms tab

  15. Click settings on the forms you'd like to add an Infusionsoft tag to

  16. Go to the bottom of the Settings page

  17. Select the Tag you want to add to a Contact when they fill out that form

  18. Click "Save"

  19. You're done!

Infusionsoft will use the email field to create or update a Contact. XILO will then apply the Tag to the associated Contact

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