The following PDF preparation checklist is designed to ensure that your PDF will upload into XILO and allow you to map all questions to a XILO form with the best formatting possible.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to make a copy of the PDF form being checked or edited. All testing should take place using the copy and not the original.

Complete ALL fields on the test copy. This will allow you to identify fields with errors, the wrong type of fields, missing fields, field layout issues, checkbox fill/border/size problems, and formatting errors like font size etc.

□ All text fields and checkboxes should be blank

ALL fields should be blank on the PDF which will be uploaded to XILO. Delete any text and check marks that may have been entered on the form.

□ All field names must be unique

Determine if there are any fields with the same name. Edit the names of all duplicate fields to make them unique. For fields sharing the same name, XILO only recognizes ONE of them. You may sort the fields in alphabetical order to easily identify the duplicate fields. Duplicate fields have a number (#) sign and a number at the end of the field names (if using the ADOBE PDF editor).

NOTE: The number (#) sign and attached number will not be displayed in the Field Properties box.

□ Delete leading spaces from field names

Remove any leading spaces in field names. Fields with leading spaces are not detected by XILO. The easiest way to identify fields with leading spaces is to sort the fields in alphabetical order. Field names with leading spaces will be listed first.

□ Replace all radio fields with checkboxes

Delete ALL Radio fields on the PDF and replace them with checkboxes. XILO cannot map to Radio fields on PDFs.

□ All Export Values for checkboxes should be the same

Check the Export Value for ALL checkboxes. All checkboxes in each PDF document should have the SAME Export Value.

Some examples of Export Values are Yes, On, 1, 0 etc. Please note that the text, number or alphanumeric entry used as the Export Value is NOT significant. It simply needs to be the same for ALL checkboxes.

The checkboxes for some PDFs may have two Export Values. For example, your PDF may have some Export Values assigned Yes while others may be assigned On. If that is the case, decide on an Export Value and ensure ALL Export Values are set to that value. It may be easier to retain the Export Value that most of the checkboxes already have and edit the others.

Remember to insert the Export Value in the file name of the PDF.

The Export Value is entered when uploading the PDF to Xilo for mapping. Xilo’s default Export Value is Yes but may be edited to match whatever Export Value has been set in the PDF.

□ Insert missing text and checkbox fields

Insert any missing Text and Checkbox fields. Remember to set the Export Value for the checkboxes and adjust Text Field Properties as necessary.

□ Insert additional fields based on the information required by the field labels

Provide separate fields for each item referred to in field labels and column headings. There are some fields which are understood to require multiple text fields to store a related name and address separately. For example, Agency, Producer, Insured, and Certificate Holder.

□ Set text alignment as LEFT, RIGHT or CENTER as necessary

There may be a need to adjust the text alignment of text fields.

Set the text alignment of currency, percentage, or other numerical fields which are in columns to RIGHT.

□ Adjust the layout of text fields as necessary

Sometimes the PDF may have text fields which may need repositioning. Click, drag, and adjust the text field as necessary.

□ Adjust the size of text fields as necessary

Reduce or increase the height and width of text fields so that they fit within the required spaces.

□ Adjust the font size of text fields as necessary

There may be a need to reduce or increase the font size of the text fields so that the text entered is visible.

□ Replace text fields with checkboxes as necessary or vice versa

Sometimes PDFs may have text fields where there should be checkboxes or checkboxes in place of text fields. Analyze the labels and questions on the PDF and make the required changes as necessary. Remember to adjust the checkbox and text field properties, including the Export Value.

□ Adjust the appearance of checkboxes as necessary

You may need to set the Border Color and Fill Color of checkbox fields to No Color. Go to Check Box Properties > Appearance > Borders and Colors. There may be instances in which no outline is provided for the checkbox field. In those cases, the checkbox border will have to be set.

□ Make the size of checkboxes look uniform

It may be necessary to adjust the height and width of checkboxes to make them look uniform.

METHOD 1: Manually set checkboxes to the same Width and Height by going to Check Box Properties > Position > Width and Height. Select multiple checkboxes to set their dimensions in a single operation. See image below.

METHOD 2: Automatically set checkboxes to the same Width and Height by:

  1. Selecting the check boxes.

  2. Right-click the selected checkboxes.

  3. Go to the pop-up menu options highlighted below.

□ Adjust the layout of checkboxes as necessary

The layout for checkboxes which are supposed to be evenly spaced in a column or row may be adjusted by carrying out the following steps

  1. Select the checkboxes.

  2. Right-click the selected checkboxes.

  3. Go to the pop-up menu options highlighted below.

□ Select the Multi-line setting for text fields which accept multiple lines of text

Activate the multi-line setting for text fields which accept paragraphs or text which may require multiple lines. Go to Text Field Properties > Options. See image below.

□ Edit the Comb of # Characters setting if necessary

Sometimes a single text field may have a setting which allows the entry of a combination of characters. For example, the text field below which is part of a table is set to accept a combination of four (4) characters. You will have to remove the setting under Text Field Properties > Options and create additional checkboxes as necessary or simply delete the existing text field and create others.

□ Remove extra or unnecessary fields

Some PDFs may have unnecessary or extra fields. You should delete them. If you are unsure of the purpose of a specific field, do NOT delete it. The presence of such a field will not affect the functionality of the form since only the required fields will be mapped in Xilo.

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