XILO offers a few different methods for assigning agents to a lead or customer that has filled out a XILO form. This includes:

  1. No assignment

  2. Default to an Agent by form

  3. Default to an Agent by the link being sent

  4. Round robin assignment

Round robin assignment allows you to assign leads or customers to specific agents sequentially. Agent A first, Agent B second, Agent C third, and then back to Agent A. This helps agencies fairly distribute the leads coming in. Here's how you can setup round robin assignment:

  1. Login to the XILO Dashboard

  2. Go to the Forms tab

  3. Click settings on the relevant form

  4. Go to the bottom of the settings and select to have round robin assignment

  5. Use the drop down to select the agents you want to assign leads to

  6. Click save

  7. Voila! You now are assigning leads using our round robin method

When the next applicant fills out a XILO Form, it will assign the leads using the round robin method.

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