Form settings are a great way for you to customize your form. From "Notifications Settings" to "Branding Settings", there are a variety of ways you can adjust each form.

  1. After logging into XILO, click the "Form" icon from the left-hand navigation menu

2. Locate the form from your forms list that you want to review and click on the "Settings" button

There are many different settings that can be adjusted for your convenience!

We’ll review the "Basic Settings" tab first:

#1 - Navigation Tabs: Click each tab to view Basic Settings, Notifications, Assignment Rules, Branding, and Form Completion

#2 - Title: This will show on your forms page and website as the title of the form

#3 - Display Title: Display a different form name when shown externally to customers

#4 - Icon: Select an icon that will be associated with the form

#5 - Form Selection Page: Selected XILO forms will be shown on one page (Learn more about the form selection page here.)

#6 - Form Group: Organize forms into groups

#7 - Exclude Unanswered Fields for XILO PDF: Toggle on/off to show or hide unanswered fields when a PDF is exported

Don’t forget to click “Save Settings" before exiting the screen!

Next, we’ll review the Notification tab! Within these settings you can customize who is notified of new prospects.

#1 - Agent Notifications: When set to "Yes", both internal and external notifications can be customized

#2 - Agent Assignment Email: If an agent or admin that is assigned to the form would like to be notified of a new prospect they can be selected from the drop-down menu

#3 - Other Agents/Admins Email: If an agent or admin (that is not already assigned the form and selected from the previous drop-down) would like to also receive notification of a new prospect completing the form

#4 - PDF: Select whether you would like a PDF of the submission to be included in email notifications

#5 - Client Communications: Select if you would like an email of the submission to be sent to the prospect after the form is completed

Don’t forget to click “Save Settings" before exiting the screen!

Next, we'll review the "Assignment Rules" tab. Here you will be able to select from a few different options:

If "Yes" is selected to automatically assign agents to leads you can choose either one agent or a "Default Agent" or select several agents with "Round Robin".

Next, we'll review the "Branding" tab, which allows custom branding to be applied to the form.

Select "yes" or "no" from the options shown to include or exclude branding information from the form.

To learn more about branding click here.

Last, we have the "Form Completion" tab which allows you to customize the screen displayed after a prospect submits a form.

Here you can show a "Thank You" page and customize the text that is displayed as well as create a custom button to redirect the customer and any image you would like shown.

When "Redirect to Form Selection Page" is selected, the prospect will be redirected to view your form selection page. For this example, two forms have been added.

If you’d like to redirect the prospect to a specific URL, this can be done by selecting "Redirect to another page" and entering the website URL into the field.

Again, after you have made your changes. Scroll down to the bottom and make sure you click "Save"!

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