XILO integrates into the Hawksoft system by pushing data into The Hawksoft Management System.

This is how you export prospect data from a XILO form into Hawksoft

  1. Login to XILO. If you are an agent click "Login as an Agent"

  2. Go to the Prospects tab

  3. Click the "Export" button next to the prospect name

  4. Click Hawksoft, this will download a file to your computer

  5. (If you're using Hawksoft on Desktop) Click the file and a dialog will pop up to import the prospect into Hawksoft

  6. (If you're using Hawsoft in the Cloud) Login to your Hawksoft account

  7. Drag the downloaded file into Hawksoft's system

  8. Use the dialog that pops up to import the prospect into Hawksoft

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