In XILO you can make multiple copies or duplicates of the same form. It's common to duplicate a form on XILO in order to make new edits on a form without tampering with your existing form. Duplicating a XILO form is also the first step of turning a XILO form into a "Simple Form" (Agent Form).

Here is how you do it:

  1. Log in to your XILO account to access your XILO platform.

  2. Move your cursor to the left hand side to access the Navigation Menu.

  3. Click on the "Forms" icon.

  4. Locate the form you wish to view.

  5. On the right hand side of that form, click the 3 dots Icon, mouse over "Duplicate as" and select either Intake or Customer form type

  6. The new form will now appear on your forms list with the phrase "- Copy" added to the end of it's name.


Your duplicate form is set to go!

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