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XILO's home data pull features helps gather information about a property once an address is entered on a form. XILO pulls data associated with the address from the "Estated" database to receive basic property information like year built, total square footage, and more.

We encourage you to implement this feature on all of your home forms as it is another way to reduce the amount of time agents and customers spend on entering data.

Setting up home data pull is as simple as mapping any other integration.

Here's how it is done:

Step 1: Access the integration mapper of the desired form you wish to add data pull too
Step 2: Add the "Estated" integration and refresh the page
Step 3: Map the integration. Make sure you map address to "Full Address"
Step 5. Go to the form builder
Step 6: Locate the address question and select the questions settings cog
Step 7: Check the "Trigger Data Pull" box
Step 8: Select the "Estated" option. Now your data pull is ready for use!

*It is important to note that not all properties exist in the database. It is common for new purchases and property lots to not populate data on a form.

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