About Customer Forms

Customer forms serve as your Agencies portal to collect incoming customer quote information. This interface is designed to give your customers a smooth experience tailored to encouraging form completion by minimizing the form into small digestible chunks. In this article we'll explain the customer form's display and how it works.

Form Components

The Customer Form is broken down into 3 sections shown in the screen shot below. We will dive into each section in order to explain it's function.


Section 1 - Header

The header of the form contains the agency logo and contact information which is configurable on account and individual form settings

Section 2 - Content

Section progress

This bar shows the user their progress as they step through the Question groups (Pages) of each section. The user can move to previous or next pages using the arrows to the night of the bar


Question Block

This section displays the Questions contained on this Question Group (Page). The next button will take the user to the next set of Questions. If a required field has not been completed, the Next button cannot be clicked.


Section 3 - Summary


This section allows the user to see their overall progress on the form. They also have the ability to navigate to previous sections of the form through this menu.

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