Published: November 12, 2019

New Features

Zapier Integration

Connect all of your business platforms with the new Zapier integration.  Use any of the 1,500+ integrations available to push and pull data between systems.

Download as CSV

Export client data for all clients or a single client into a CSV file for import into other systems.

New Integrations

  • EVO

  • Agency Pro

Fixes and Enhancements

Logos by Form

Add different logos to different forms for greater levels of customization.

Dynamic Form Icon

Customize your form selection pages by changing the form icons.

Store Multiple Commercial Locations

Make it easy to collect multiple locations from clients with multiple location inputs.

Text Color on Simple Forms 'Thank You' Pages
You can now edit text color.on 'Thank You' pages.

Known Issues

Agent Password Reset
Reset password for agents is not working.

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