The XILO platform has added the ability to track the referral source of a lead, allowing agencies to see where their leads arriving from based on URL tracking. Follow this guide to enable and implement Referral Source into your XILO account.

For instruction, we will use a Facebook ad campaign as an example.

To provide the platform with the information of where the lead originated from, you will add the text "&ref=[source]" to the end of the form link sent to your potential clients or "?ref=[source]" to the end of links to embedded pages within your website where [source] is replaced by the referral information you wish to have display with the lead in XILO.

For URLs Generated Using [Copy Link]

For Links to Forms Embedded on a Website:

4. Once the form is submitted using the link structure above, the Referral Source will be displayed on the prospects table on each lead as shown boxed in green in the image below.

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