XILO Forms embed right on the agency's website so they can capture prospect information and push it right into their existing systems. Here is a quick summary of how that works and what to do:

How it works:

  • Forms are embedded on Agency sites using JavaScript (Learn How Here)

  • A website visitor visits the website and clicks into the XILO Form

  • They fill out the form

  • The agency is notified when a lead comes in. This lead usually comes in unassigned unless we have configured otherwise.

  • The lead is not in the XILO system and if the integration is automatic, in the integrated systems

Steps to review and edit prospect:

  1. Review the lead information via the email

  2. Go to the XILO Dashboard and assign the lead to the appropriate agent. The agent will receive an email similar to the new lead email

  3. If the integration is EZLynx and a rater is relevant to this sale, visit the lead on EZLynx to finish the rating

  4. Once you've contacted the customer, update the Lifecycle on the Prospects table on XILO to indicate the stage that the prospective customer is at

  5. Review the Dashboard as frequently as you'd like to see the status of your leads. Keep them moving down the funnel

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