With XILO, sending forms to prospective customers that integrate right into an agencies existing system is one of the most common use cases for insurance agencies. Here's how to do that on the XILO Dashboard.

  1. Login to XILO. If you are an agent click "Login as an Agent"

  2. Go to the Forms tab

  3. Click "Copy Link" on the form you wish to send

  4. Paste the link in an email that you send to customers

  5. Either download and import the prospect into your system from the Dashboard or login to your system to see the prospect automatically pushed into it


  • This link will have the agent ID in it. That means the prospect you sent the form to will automatically be assigned to you

  • You will receive an email notification once the prospect has filled the form

  • If you use EZLynx, this email should have a link to EZLynx in the email

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