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How to import a XILO prospect into PL Rater
How to import a XILO prospect into PL Rater
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XILO has an import/export integration with PL Rater based on the AL3 file type. Here's how you can export a prospect from XILO and import them into PL Rater:

  1. Login to XILO

  2. On the Prospects table, go to the row of the prospect you are looking to export

  3. Click "Export" on the far right side

  4. Click "PL Rater". If you do not see PL Rater, you have to turn it on in the Settings > API tab by searching for PL Rater and clicking "Activate".

  5. A file should download to your computer. Make sure you know where the file is located to find it when importing into PL.

  6. Login to PL Rater

  7. Click "Import" on the home page found in between "New Client" and "Agency"

  8. Select "AMS360" as the "Connect Partner"

  9. Enter the "Import File Name". This is the path to the file on your computer. To get this path, hold Shift + Right click the file on your computer and select "Copy as Path". Then paste it into the File Name Input, delete quotation marks on both ends of pasted link, and click "Import".

  10. It takes a few seconds to load. Then a dialog should pop up notifying you of a few pieces of data that may not have mapped over. Click "Ok".

  11. PL Rater has you go through the flow of entering in a Prospect. There are a few fields that we cannot fill (see below). Go through the flow and verify all information that was added.

  12. You are finished!


How to find your file path:

Right click the file in your folders. Select properties. Look for the Location label in the middle of the properties panel. This is the path to your file. You have to add /FILE_NAME to the end of the location. You can find the file name in the title at the top.

Limitations with PL Rater

PL Rater is an older system using an older AL3 file version. We can not get all the data into PL Rater but we can get 80% of it. Here is what is not bridging over:


  • Effective date of new policy

  • Credit authorization request

  • Residence Type (Dwelling)

  • Expiration date of new policy

  • Carrier specific questions. Some of these may map but most will not.

  • We are still mapping occupations so you may have trouble with them. This will be resolved soon

  • We are still mapping coverages and incidents.


  • Carrier Specific questions.

  • Pool underwriting questions

  • Trampoline underwriting questions

  • Dogs

  • Protection Devices

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