Activating an Quote Rush Account must be completed for the integration between XILO and Quote Rush to function. To activate the account, you need to know your Quote Rush Web ID and Password. If you don't know this Web ID and Password you will need to email Quote Rush support. Just copy this template email down below and Quote Rush will get back to you shortly.

Quote Rush support email:

Hi Quote Rush Support,

Can you please provide me with the Web ID and Password for (Insurance Company Name) to enable leads leads to push over from XILO to Quote Rush.

Owner: (First name, Last name)

Email: (

Username: (Insert here)

Thank you and have a great rest of your day.

Once you receive your Wed ID you will need to activate Quote Rush in XILO. By following the steps below:

1. Login to XILO

2. Go to settings

3. Go to API

4. Search Quote Rush

5. Active it

6. Add credentials using gear icon. Enter the Web ID you received from Quote Rush support as the "Username" and enter that password you received from Quote Rush as in the Password field.

7. Add forms to integration

8.Test a form by completing a form

9.Check to see that the lead is in Quote Rush.

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