1. Login to XILO

  2. Go to Settings > API

  3. Click "All Services" > Search and add AMS360

  4. Click the gear icon on AMS360

  5. Add agency number. This is the agency number used to sign in to AMS360. (it looks similar to this 3032501-1)

  6. Add default username and password created for AMS360. If you have not created it yet, please follow instructions on this video: Please allow all permissions until setup is complete

  7. Once the initial connection is created. Re-open the AMS settings in XILO and select the default Producer and Rep you'd like to assign leads to

  8. Please also select Divisions, Branches, Departments, and Groups

  9. Select which forms you would like integrate into AMS using the same settings

  10. You must do this same process for each agent in the Team > Agents section by clicking edit on the agent and selecting the Producer and Rep

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