Step-by-Step Instructions for connecting AMS360 to XILO

Create new Web Service API in AMS360

  1. Start in AMS360

  2. Click “Administration” tab

  3. Click “Web Service API”

  4. Click “New”

  5. Web Service Application: leave as “Custom”


  7. Choose Password and Verify Password: This is the password you will use to integrate with XILO. You create this yourself.

  8. Under the “Data Security Based On” section, choose “Entity Access Security Only”

  9. On the bottom half of the window under “Entity Access”, choose “Check All”

  10. At the top right of the window select “Add”

Adding the integration in XILO

  1. Login to XILO

  2. Select “Settings” from the left hand navigation

  3. Click “API”

  4. Click "All Services"

  5. Type “AMS360” into the search bar and select “Integrate”

Connecting the integration

You should now see that AMS360 has been added to your list of integrations.

  1. Click the gear icon next to AMS360

  2. Here you will add your agency number used to sign in to AMS360. (it looks similar to this 3032501-1)

  3. Add the username (XILOAMS) and password you created for AMS360 in the previous instructions.

  4. Click “Save”

  5. Click the gear icon for AMS360 settings again and assign/select the following:

    1. Default Producer

    2. Rep

    3. Divisions

    4. Branches

    5. Departments

    6. Groups

  6. Select which forms you would like integrate into AMS360 using the same settings

Configuring team settings for AMS360

**You must do this same process for each agent.**

  1. In XILO, select “Settings”

  2. Click “Team”

  3. Select the “Agents” tab to display list of current agents

  4. Locate the agent you would like to add AMS360 credentials to

  5. Click the pencil icon (edit) labeled “Action”

  6. Select an Account Executive and Account Rep from the dropdown menus

  7. Click “Save”

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