Activating EZLynx API for XILO account is necessary for XILO to send information to EZLynx. To activate an account send email to EZLynx Support. EZLynx accepts XILO as "lead generation". Copy the email template below and fill in Account specifics. EZLynx will quickly notify you when account is activated for the EZLynx API.

EZLynx Rater Support Email:
EZLynx Rest API - EZLynx Sales Center product - Support Email:

Email Template:

Subject of email: Please Activate XILO & EZLynx Lead Generation for (Insurance Agency Name).

Hello EZLynx Support,

Please activate and enable XILO for lead generation to EZLynx Raters for (Insurance Agency Name).

Agency Owner Name: (First name, Last name)

Owner EZLynx Username: (Owner EZLynx ID)

Owner Email: (

Repeat for all additional Agents -

Agents Name: (First name, Last name)

Agents EZLynx Username: (Agent EZLynx ID)

Agents Email: (

Thank you!

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