Every agent and administrator is given a default password upon registration. Each agent set up to the XILO platform has a secure account that is associated with an agent ID. In some events an agent may want to change their password or has forgotten their password and needs it to be reset.

Here is how to change/reset a XILO password.

  1. An agency administrators must log in through the users portal in order to change or reset a password.

  2. Once logged in, the administrator will select the "Team" button from the Navigation Menu on the left.

  3. Once on the teams page, please select the agent tab.

  4. A list of all the agents currently set up on the account will appear

  5. Locate the agents name you are looking for and select the "Edit" button (pencil icon) located under actions to the right of the agents name.

  6. In the agent settings tab that appears please enter in the new password you wish to assign to the agent in the "Password" and "Confirm Password" field.

  7. Once enter click the blue save button.

You have now changed that agents password.

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