Creating a XILO based Zap

Prior to following these steps, ensure you have been invited to use XILO within Zapier. If you are not sure whether you have been invited, please reach out to

1. Click 'Create Zap'

2. Set up your Trigger

-Enter "XILO" in the Search apps field and select XILO (1.0.3)

-Select "New Form V2 Submission" under Trigger event and click continue

-Enter Your XILO ID. This 6-digit number is found at the top right of your screen when logged into XILO

-Select the form you wish to transfer lead information from

-Click Continue

3. Test Trigger

4. Once the trigger has been tested, Click continue. If the test fails, click 'Skip Test'. In most cases of a failed test, data is still being pulled into Zapier and can be seen in the next step.

5. Set up the action that should occur when this form is completed. Here you will need to search for the app which you are looking to transfer data into and follow the remaining steps to map that information into your selected apps account. If you are unable to see the form fields in this step, reach out to us at

6. Once the action setup is complete, ensure that you have turned on the Zap to ensure it is triggered on your next lead submission on that form

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